underwater portraits on commission

        Ibiza  2015








                            for family...


                                                                                                                                        ... the magic of the sea



                          for fun ...




                                                                                                                              ... and sensuality






                                                                                                                    ... creative freedom



Spend a few hours in one of a number of coves on the island and experience the light and play of a privately commissioned underwater shoot.

It is not necessary to be great swimmers nor divers, though an enjoyment of being in the water is obviously advisable. No undue risks will be taken.

The time with the camera can be spent being as relaxed and adventurous as you wish it to be - if you wish to build a group outing or workshop around the shoot that is also welcome. And any attire - or none - is fine.

All appropriate discretion and modesty regarding your privacy is assured on my part.  No images will go anywhere but from me to you.

It is also possible to shoot from your yacht or in your pool if so desired.





200 euros per shoot * (max. 2 hours underwater)

* this is a flat fee paid at the end of the day.



I will then upload the photographs to a private gallery for you to peruse and

the choices for what you can then order are:


digital portfolio :                         400 euros

 (all photographs from shoot edited at a resolution for you to upload to digital devices)


print portfolio :                             800 euros

(all photographs from shoot edited  and put onto disc for you to print as often as you like - and equally upload)


    large digital file of an individual photograph                             55 euros

                                   (to print and upload  as you wish)                                  



individual prints :

8” x 5"                   20 euros each

10” x 8”                  45 euros each

12” x 16”                80 euros each

20” x 16”              120 euros each

20” x 24”              150 euros each




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