Where possible, I choose to leave the sceptics to their own devices, (believing Einstein had it right in claiming we can't find the solution from the vibration of the problem). The intellect only takes me so far - within the dance of the ephemeral moment  and the mysterious field connecting all things. I always return to the elements, nature and music, my fundamental inspirations. And continue to explore the phenomena  of spontaneous perception.   I view my work as ongoing discovery  - into my self, psyche, environment - our precious, precocious humanness.  All the while exploring how our various languages can empower us towards describing such elusive quanti to each other.


Within the on-going changes in the medium of photography, my work continues to be 'analogue' - shot on film - involving no digital manipulation in realising the image - the nature of film being integral to the work itself.

In my desire for adventure, I've learnt through creating installations of work in different spaces in various countries; from galleries to battleships, palaces to public gardens. 

In 2004 I moved to make Ibiza my base. I initially earnt my island stripes working for Pacha as their press photographer. Being represented by London's Lupe Gallery, meanwhile, enabled a continuing focus on my artistic work. I forged an on-going creative relationship with South Africa and spent time in Berlin to ruffle up my island feathers. 

For the past ten years I have immersed myself in following a different kind of map - signposts on an internal journey  -   developing my work through research and experimental installations.    With my Portal Project, I combine my analogue work with new production technologies, allowing me to embed photographic works into architectural structures and making sculptural installations.  Currently also working on a book  'Blow as deep as you want to blow', and developing the next phase of my project Beyond All Measure.


Born to Anglo-Swedish parents in Teheran, I grew up in Iran and Vienna, Austria. Schooled in England, I  developed my love of language & story whilst doing a degree in English Literature in London, where the writing of my dissertation on the abstractions of Hunter S Thompson, William Burroughs & the Beat poets compelled me into exploring more visual mediums. After doing the Foundation course at Kingston University Art School, I went on to complete a Masters in Photography at Goldsmith’s College, London in 1995.

I then worked in London as a photojournalist - primarily within the music industry - being published in Wired, i-D, Raygun, Mute, the Independent et al. - whilst also shooting for Amnesty International, and continually developing my understanding of what it is to tell a story, become an artist and how to make a living doing both.


.. despite the abstract textures she achieves, Ericsson doesn’t use digital techniques …Somehow, though, she finds the middle-ground where real-life becomes exquisitely strange, seemingly by itself…”
(i-D magazine)


exhibitions, installations, books ...


2023 - Moon Doors, permanent outdoor installation, private commission, Ibiza

2022 - 4 Elements, group show, La Luna gallery Ibiza

2020 - Wisdom & Nature for Le Ciel Foundation, group show, Christie's New York & London

         -  The Alchemy of Her, group show, Atzaro Ibiza

2019 - Beyond All Measure, solo installation, Calle Soledad chapel, Ibiza

2018 - Photo Puig 2A Edicion,  group show Ibiza

2017 - blow as deep as you want to blow - studio installation, Ibiza
2015 - this too shall pass - solo installation, Ibiza

2013 - transition i-iv - solo installation, studio, Berlin
2012 - no haven but now – solo show, Haas gallery, Cape Town, SA
------ - works exhibited at Groucho Club London, pop up in Ibiza
2011 - soulfood - solo show: KM5, Ibiza
2010 - indivisible - solo show: Gallery 5 Blenheim, London W11
------ - indivisible - solo show: Palacio Bardaji, Dalt Vila Ibiza

2009 - within waters within - solo show: private space, Llandudno CT, SA
------ - the poetry invisible - solo show: private space, Ibiza
2008 - winging the winds - solo show: 55 Buitenkant, Cape Town, SA
------ : last day…’ bought by the Hollard Contemporary Collection
------ - winging the winds - solo show: Can Talaias Gardens, Ibiza

2005 - curator and exhibitor : group show: Aura’s gallery, Ibiza
2004 - Caribbean |series III – solo show: Grial, Ibiza
------ - Caribbean |series II– solo show: Karawac Gallery, Trinidad & Tobago
2003 - Caribbean series I – solo show: private space, London W11

2002 - 2007 : represented by Lupe Gallery, London E1

2001 - drawing light – installation : group show Tank @ HMS Trident, London
------ - drawing water – installation: group show: Tank @ Heaven, London W1
------ - Don’t Think, Just Shoot” : Group Show, Lomo Gallery, London EC1
------ - Contributor to “Don’t Think, Just Shoot” published by Lomo Press, Hardcover 2001
2000 - the way below – photographic installation: group show Tank @ Heaven, London W1
------ - owning the unownable – installation: group show LIFT , HMS President, London EC4
1999 - the way above – photographic installation: group show, Tank @ Heaven, London W1
1998 - heaven on earth - solo show, Jac’s gallery space, London W11
1995 - assimilate – photographic installation: MA Show, Goldsmiths College , London

corporate collections...

Brillux GmbH & Co. KG, Münster
Hollard Contemporary Collection, Villa Arcadia, Johannesburg