:Sea for Ibiza 2020:


10 discs to help celebrate and give thanks for Ibiza's sea.


The call to protect our environment becomes ever more imperative. There are so very many crisies and drives for us to support. This one is very close to my own heart, given that I swim in the sea all year and grow increasingly aware of how necessary it is for us to do what we can to protect and nurture its health & harmony. Hence creating this now to see what I may do to help towards the support and awareness.


You may remember last year hearing about the turtles laying eggs on Es Cavallet and Salinas, and the efforts to protect the eggs and hatchlings. This is the first time in living memory the turtle has returned to Ibiza. Due to overfishing they have become very few in our part of the Med, and the jellyfish. Turtles eat medusa as food and the As turtles declined the medusa multiplied.