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Photographs selected in 2020 from rolls of film shot in the Western Cape, South Africa on 17.3.14.

I was exposing, rewinding and multi-exposing film in free flow with the quickly changing light
Drawn to fragments of flotsam on a lonely stretch of coast – the shifting shape of clouds and forest on the surrounding mountain tops
Thinking about 'competition versus cooperation' - what feels natural - so as not to become jetsam in our own wake...

The wise have ever reminded us that the journey is our home - joyful presence - and yet, still, I yearn and rush for the security of having reached my destination.
Can we but help pin the butterfly to the wheel ?... Take our open-ended, brilliantly streaming ' I Am' and turn it to the comfort and protection of 'I am This'
- an illusion that, in its defending, pushes us into our ego-centric conditioning - from where 'survival of the fittest' becomes seemingly logical.

"It never hurts to think too highly of a person - often they become ennobled and act better because of it".
Nelson Mandela