The plan is to put on the installation in the privately owned Roman Chapel here in Ibiza old town, then to tour it in suitable spaces and galleries internationally.

The chapel is situated in the basement of a roman palacio at the top of Dalt Villa.

In order to fund it, I invite you to consider the gallery below and  see if you would like to pre-order a  piece now.



Pendulums cost between 1500 and 7000 each, and are limited to an edition of 2, +1 AP.

Prints are between 500 and 1500. Edition of 3 + 1 AP.


You enter the chapel space from a spiral staircase at the back left, from the floor above.


The drawings below show the installation in the chapel space from aerial view and front on - depicting the five pendulums which will be hung interspersed through the main body of the space -  and then the film being projected onto smoke on the raised dias at the opposite end of the chapel. At the back of the chapel next to the staircase, there will be a body of prints hanging on the wall.