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This project is about how we access and experience our time-less spaces within. The spaces that are perhaps connected in the same way that energy and light are infinite. It also involves Einstein, Jung and surfing.

The first phase comprised of an installation of 55 of the discs as unframed photographs, in an ancient stone chapel in Ibiza's D'alt Vila.

They are designed to act in combination with each other, as portals and port-holes into our curiosity, imagination and spontaneity. How do we go about creating our own connections and stories? In the unfettered spontaneity of a moment...

The current second phase of the project involves working with installations of a smaller number of the discs, framed in differing spaces. And moving towards ultimately making a select few into 3-D 'pendulum' sculptural pieces.

All the photographs are shot on film - analogue, therefore - and with no digital manipulation in realising the image, this being integral to all my work.